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01. Discussing the 'emotional crisis' on the Qixi Festival, Shen Qi once again forgot to close the kitchen door, which became the last straw that crushed their marriage.Watch Tour', a professional watch media founded by watch culture expert Bai Yingze, is the best WeChat public account and watch consultant for the knowledge and information of famous watches.When you turn the watch over and see the back of the watch, you will be deeply attracted: under the classic and typical German three-quarter plywood and a beautiful gold sleeve, a completely 'naked' tourbillon is presented. Right now.



With my daughter, I can still lose, but I must learn how to win every time I lose; I can still lose, but when I am willing, I must further learn to distinguish the boundary between 'right and wrong'; I You can still die, but what is left of my death for the child?In fact, the organizers of Baselworld he been complained for many years. When the Swatch Group left in 2018, Hayek, the president of Swatch Group, complained that the organizer MCH Group charged high exhibition fees but operated inefficiently and did not stop participating in the exhibition. The business is serious, and the advice that has been given for a long time has not been answered, and so on.In addition, 2019 is also the 50th anniversary of the release of Zenith's high-frequency chronograph movement ElPrimero. The brand has launched two sets of commemorative watches, one of which is a complete reproduction of the first generation of ElPrimero watches in 1969 in 18K yellow, white and red gold.



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